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Co Registration #: 0027821
NTN #: 0657139-5
Symbol of the Co: PAKD
Welcome to Pak Datacom Ltd.

Pak Datacom Limited, a public listed company, takes great pride in being one of the largest and most reliable data
network operators in Pakistan with presence in more than 55 cities across the country.
In near future, PDL will be facilitating its customers in Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan
as a part of its expansion. Providing the best
possible and highly redundant services to its valuable clients in finance,
telecom, airline, energy and other sectors, PDL intends to grow both in terms of coverage and technology.

PDL is a member of Islamabad chamber
of commerce and Industry .

Being the pioneer in Pakistan in the field of Data Communication, PDL
specializes in providing end-to-end high quality data communication solutions through
application of Optical Fiber, Radio and Satellite technologies.

We have equipped the remote offices of many multinational and national companies
in Pakistan with reliable, user-friendly and state-of-the-art data communication.

Our team of veteran telecommunication professionals provides customized solutions
with the up-to-the-minute system by using our well established network based on
VSAT, iDirect and Optic Fiber.

Associated companies of Pak Datacom Limited are TF Pipes and TF Technologies (Private) Limited.

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Pak Datacom Ltd is offering following services:
SECP Complaint Link
VSAT & iDirect Network
Digital Cross Connection (DXX Network)
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