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As a globe it symbolizes power:
Pak Datacom Limited provides end-to-end high quality data communication solutions to its valuable clients in Pakistan and abroad. The new logo depicts its worldwide operations by an illuminating yellow-red ball and the provision of data communication solutions by a web net on the ball.

The Logo
The new logo of Pak Data com is an illuminating yellow- red ball with a web net on it.
The ball, having no beginning or end, represents unity, infinity, eternity and wholeness and describes our world.

The yellow-red ball combines the intellect of yellow and the passion of red. It is associated with sunshine. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, success, and stimulation.

Gold evokes the feeling of prestige and symbolizes high quality.

A white patch is used to imply a touch of perfection and simplicity of tailor made communication solutions” as per the clients requirement.
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