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Pak Datacom Ltd. is a subsidiary of Telecom Foundation, which has an equity share of 55%, whereas 45% investment in the company is made by general public and foreign investors.

Established in November 1991, Telecom Foundation is a self-supporting entity with assets exceeding Rs.1 billion and is the holding company of Pak Datacom Ltd.

Pak Datacom Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company in July 1992 and was subsequently converted into public limited company in June 1994. The testing of the network and related system started in April 1994 and commercial operations commenced in July 1994.

The financial position of the company is fortified with paid-up capital of Rs.98.010 million, an asset base of more than Rs 1 billion and turnover of more than Rs 600 million per annum.


Company Profile

Pak Datacom Ltd. specializes in providing end-to-end data communication solutions through Satellite based SCPC VSAT, DAMA, iDirect, Digital Cross Connect (DXX), and Radio.

Pak Datacom Ltd. has more than 950 domestic and international high-speed data circuits on DXX, VSATs and i-Direct. Pak Datacom Ltd. also provides high speed internet connectivity through satellite (cost effective Broadband Service), Spread spectrum Radio Communication Technology for short distance linkage and in compliance to the award of all Pakistan Telecom Infrastructure License, PDL has successfully completed optical fiber laying projects of different telecom service providers.

For the transparent provision of high quality data services to users, all the diverse technologies and transmission methodologies have been interfaced to form a home grown network.

The technologies for a circuit are chosen on the basis of needs of each individual user. The local loop of a user i.e. the circuit from user premises to the nearest node of Pak Datacom Ltd. may be built up on a copper pair using modems, digital line terminal units or spread spectrum radios. The choice depends on the speed, location, distance and data application of users.

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