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Major Clients
Co Registration #: 0027821
NTN #: 0657139-5
Symbol of the Co: PAKD
Major Achievements
  • Secured highest ratings in the category of Data Network Operator and received Brands of the Year Award 2010 & 2011
  • First DNOP to introduce DAMA based VSAT services commercially in Pakistan
  • Providing VSAT services on different satellites that provide the maximum coverage over South Asia & Asia Pacific
  • One of the first few DNOP is in Pakistan to provide Data Communication Networks Services based on iDirect
  • Established DAMA based VSAT communication setup for SCO in Northern Areas to provide the facility of voice, internet and data
  • Set up the complete VSAT Network for Civil Aviation Authority for all their commercial radars in Pakistan
  • Installed and operating country wide VSAT connectivity for Oil & Gas Development Corporation Ltd. (OGDCL) with complete technical and hardware backup support


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