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Digital Cross Connect (DXX)

Digital Cross Connect (DXX) is a state-of-the-art communication technology over Optical Fiber. Fast and reliable data communication can be provided using this technology from 6.4 kbps to several Mbps. Optical Fiber streams are terminated on Digital Cross Connect nodes and data connectivity is provided to customer’s premises using line cards (2B1Q, V.35 DCC, DINIC, 27 LC3, 28 LC etc.) and DTUs (Data Terminating Unit). Whole DXX network is monitored and controlled by Sun based Network Management System (NMS).

The Digital Cross Connect (DXX) system is deployed in the full mesh configuration. The transmission medium is Fiber Optic. Fiber Optic is the most reliable transmission medium for long haul communications. Similarly it offers low transmission delays. This enables the customers to set up virtual private network at very affordable prices. The central nodes of the network are made up of the 3630 Digital Cross Connect switches from Alcatel, which are deployed at the Digital Transit Exchanges in all the cities. The 3630 Digital Cross Connect switches at each Digital Transit Exchange are then connected with the 3630 Multiplexers.

In case the distance between the customer premises and the exchange is more than 3 Km, the leased line DTU arrangement cannot be used. The preferred mode of delivery will then be a line of sight radio link. The decision to go with the radio link or the leased line connectivity is taken after the PDL engineers have conducted a site survey.

Another important feature of the DXX is that Frame Relay can be employed in the existing DXX network using FRE and FRS cards in Alcatel 3630 nodes.
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