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PDL has its own iDirect 5IF (iNFINITY) Hub installed in Islamabad; second DVB-S2 (Evolution) in Karachi and Mini Hub 5IF (iNFINITY) in Quetta will be operational very soon.

Brief Description of 5IF Hub
A single 5IF Hub platform can support any of a combination of:
* Mesh, Star, SCPC or Hybrid Networks
* C, Ku and emerging Ka radio bands
* Interface with multiple satellites
* Bandwidth configurable from 64Kbps to 18Mbps in 1 Kbps increments
* Support thousands of sites

The modular design and inherent flexibility in the iDirect platform enable a single iNFINITI series chassis to support multiple networks with various requirements for frequencies, topologies or bandwidth.

This revolutionary design offers carriers unparalleled capabilities to meet their networking challenges, support any customer requirement, and maximizes their investment in equipment and bandwidth. The resulting solution allows them to support any combination of network applications to thousands of remote sites supporting virtually any mix of customer profiles - all from a single platform.

Technical Presentation
For a detailed technical presentation of iDirect system click here Click to View

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